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The traditional Baking Products sales channel is relatively mature

The traditional Baking Products sales channel is relatively mature, and e-commerce has become a popular sales channel for Baking Products. Online shopping not only allows people to buy what they need for life without leaving home, but also saves a lot of precious time. Online shopping for food has become a popular and fashionable way of shopping. The high-end Baking Products market has great development potential, low brand concentration, high profits, and the target population has less leisure time, and it is difficult to go to Baking Products stores for a long time. Therefore, online shopping has become a popular way of shopping. Following the great success of Baking Products' e-commerce model, it also announced the launch of high-end Baking Products brand series, which also adopts the e-commerce model of website and telephone ordering. The addition of will enable more mid-to-high-end brands in the baking industry to try e-commerce.

As an important part of residents' daily life, Baking Products has become the main food for some consumers, surpassing the consumption of traditional rice and noodle products. In the future, with the acceleration of my country's urbanization process and the improvement of residents' consumption level, Baking Products consumption will continue to maintain a good development situation.

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