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Egg Opener Cube


 · INNOVATIVE DESIGN: its simple design allows you to crack open eggs without any mess or bits of shell in your food

 · MESS FREE: with this egg cracker, the shell is always left behind, so you never have to worry about fishing that annoying piece out of your food

 · SPACE SAVING: multiple cubes won't take up much storage space in a kitchen drawer or cabinet

 · COMPACT & PORTABLE: very convenient to bring with you whenever you need to

 · Crack eggs with just one squeeze, making it easy and quick

 · Suitable for use with eggs of various sizes

 · Very handy if you're preparing a fairly large, egg-related dish for a dinner party or another special event

 · Dishwasher safe


How to Use:

Place an egg of your choice (vertically) on one side of the cube

Close the cube by using the other half of it like a lid

Squeeze your closed cube by pressing down on its metal clips with your fingers

Finally, tip the cube upside down

Open it up in order to pour your cracked egg yolk out into a dish or container

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