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The fermentation process when making Baking Products.

The fermentation process when making Baking Products. The success or failure of making Baking Products is an important part of learning how to make Baking Products.

⑴ Direct fermentation method-the process is:

Weighing—Stirring—Basic fermentation (about two hours)—Splitting and shaping—Finally fermentation (40-60 minutes)—Bake

Using this fermentation method not only saves time and reduces loss, but also makes Baking Products have an excellent wheat flavor.

⑵ Chinese fermentation method-the process is:

60%~85% flour+55%~60% water+yeast=Chinese Baking Products dough—mixing—basic fermentation (more than two hours)—Chinese Baking Products dough+40%~15% flour+water+sugar + Oil + salt-second stirring-continued fermentation (20-40 minutes)-divided into whole shape-final fermentation-baking

Because this fermentation method takes a long time, the amount of yeast can be saved by about 20%; the volume is larger than that of the directly fermented Baking Products dough, and the inside is more delicate and soft.

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