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Reusable Wooden Cutting Board

• This cutting board is made of acacia wood. Acacia is famous for being virtually indestructible.

• This wooden cutting board comes with a juice drip groove all around it. This helps catch any water or juice that may drip from fruits, vegetables or even meats so that your meal remains fresh and palatable.

• Easy to clean, care clean with warm water or detergent after use, not for dishwashers, which would corrode this natural wood cutting board

  • Model No.:RC0032
  • Product Materials:Acacia wood
  • Product Color:Natural
  • Product Weight:
  • Product Size:38x25x2.5cm
  • Package Size:
  • Product Include:1x Wooden Cutting Boardl
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Price:Negotiation
  • Natural Wood: yes
  • Used on both sides:yes
  • Hardness: AAA
  • Surface Technology: Spraying vegetable oil



Is the item durable?

- Yes, it’s durable.  It can be used long time.


Is this item easy to use?

- Yes, it’s very easy to use. 

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Model No.


Product Name

Reusable Wooden Cutting Board

Product Materials

Acacia wood

Product Color


Product Weight

Package Size


Package Dimensions

Product Include

1x Wooden Cutting Boardl

Country of Origin